A name change is not all that’s changed

Howard Winter (light blue shirt) and Peter Maloney (dark blue). 191426_01

The Emerald Village Committee (EVC) has undergone a name change, but that’s not all.

Unlike its predecessor – which existed as a committee appointed by Cardinia Shire Council, with guidelines and rules set by Council and Council endorsement required to be an EVC member – the newly established Emerald Village Association (EVA) Inc is a separate and self-managed association incorporated under broad rules set by the Victorian Government.

The new EVA will still be supported by Council but will have the advantage of being independent and able to formulate its own position on a range of community matters that are of interest to the residents and businesses of Emerald.

The EVA will issue a regular newsletter to keep the Emerald community up to date with activities in the town and this newsletter will be supported by a website and Facebook page.

Most notably, the EVA will be able to apply for grants from Council and other sources without the need to be sponsored by Council.

The new EVA Committee is currently after three more dedicated Emerald residents to join the team.

The EVA Committee meets on the fourth Tuesday of each month at the Emerald RSL at 7.30pm