Cash back on compost

 Yarra Ranges residents can save money on new composting equipment thanks to a rebate running until 30 June.

The council is offering up to $40 back to residents who buy eligible items for home composting.

“Some people might see composting as something a bit too difficult for them, or something that’s going to stink out their house, but that’s simply not the case,” Yarra Ranges Mayor Tony Stevenson said.

“The reality is composting is easy and manageable when you’ve got the right equipment – such as an airtight Bokashi Bucket – and it reduces the amount of waste sent to landfill.

“Food waste makes up nearly half of the contents of our rubbish bins, and composting easily turns that waste into something useful for your garden.”

Cr Stevenson said there were composting options to suit all types of homes.

“Compost bins suit homes with larger back yards, with a mix of food waste and garden clippings which can be mixed with dry materials, like fallen leaves or scrunched newspaper,” he said.

“Worm farms, meanwhile, suit homes that have food waste but don’t have access to dry materials.

“They need a bit more maintenance to make sure the worms are healthy, but they create a high-nitrogen fertiliser.

“Bokashi Bins ferment food waste and are meant to be kept in the home, under a bench or in a cupboard – they’re airtight, so they shouldn’t smell, and they reduce food waste while also making a form of fertiliser.”

All Yarra Ranges residents are eligible for the compost rebate, provided their items are new and the receipts are dated between 1 November last year and 30 June this year.

Only one rebate is available per household.

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