Alpacas, maracas and fun


A story about an alpaca called Macca and his best pal Al has captivated students at Macclesfield Primary School, who were treated to a reading of Alpacas with Maracas.

However, stealing the limelight of the day were alpacas Sage and Hayley, who were equally as captivating.

On Monday 12 August, the two young alpacas visited the school to take part in the whole school reading of ‘Alpacas with Maracas’, which was held to launch the inaugural Maccy Read-a-thon.

Parent, owner of Sage and Hayley, and organiser of the Maccy read-a-thon Jodi Ramadge, told the Mail that Sage and Hayley were extremely well behaved during the reading.

“Everyone loves to read and it’s an important thing,” she said.

“This is our read-a-thon and it’s the first time we’ve done one at our school ,which is why it was extra special.”

“Sage and Hayley were very good and there was a lot of excitement and great buzz during the reading. The students had a lot of interesting questions about them.”

The Maccy Read-a-thon is a two-week-long, school-wide program that encourages children to read for their school. Please help us reach our goal of $3,000!

Macclesfield Principal John Chiswell said 100% of the proceeds from the read-a-thon will be used to buy new library book.s

He thanked Jodi, and the parents who volunteered their time to help revitalise the library area with a new borrowing system.

“The read-a-thon is a chance for students and the wider community to not only enjoy their reading and promote their reading but also raise some funds for the library.”

“Over the past few months, a parent from our school has spent many, many hours in the school library working on a mammoth project – updating the library management system which has involved assessing and scanning
 every book in the library. While doing this, many books have been found
 to be in poor condition or simply out-dated.”

“Everything raised will be directed to the library and increasing the book stocks and we’re all looking forward to putting some new material in the library for students.”

To donate and help the school buy new books go to