Frozen But Fresh

Seth reviews Frozen 2.

 Frozen 2

Starring Idina Menzel and Kristen Bell

Rated PG

A family-friendly but refreshingly mature fantasy adventure, Frozen 2 is an outstanding sequel to the 2014 original.

Summoned by an ethereal voice, Queen Elsa (Idina Menzel) and her sister Anna (Kristen Bell) must venture from their kingdom of Arendelle to right an ancient wrong.

Frozen 2 has strong forward momentum and efficient structure, with the mysteries of Arendelle’s past steadily unfolding as the heroes’ journey progresses. The sequel expands the world of the original in clever and heartbreaking ways, and Elsa and Anna’s evolving relationship, as their loyalty is tested, adds to the suspense.

In a franchise that respects the intellect of its child viewers, Frozen 2 continues the first film’s admirable focus on subversion and mature themes.

The sequel powerfully illustrates the difference between antagonist and villain: the forces opposing Elsa and Anna are unpredictable and even mischievous, and motivated by deep grievances from the past, but are never cruel or evil.

Where the first film was about independence and the dangers of falling blindly into love, the sequel explores themes of imperialism and working with nature instead of taming or exploiting it.

The musical numbers and action sequences are exciting and dynamic, except for Elsa’s strangely static centrepiece number, which feels too much like a Eurovision performance.

Frozen 2 is the most polished, uplifting and thematically bold of this year’s legion of Disney movies