Youth keep the town smiling

Ruby with one of her pavement drawings. Picture: JESSICA ILSLEY

With many people stuck indoors and unable to socialise due to Covid-19, children across the eastern suburbs are working to keep spirits high.

Healesville’s Ruby, 10, has been leaving chalk messages and drawings on the footpath in her street to brighten the day of those who pass by.

Ruby’s mum, Jessica, said her daughter was inspired by the Rainbow Trail Australia movement where people spread messages of joy and hope through sticking rainbows in their windows.

Jessica said Ruby wanted to take it a step further by decorating the pavement.

“It started off as something to pass the time during isolation but after so many elderly shared how much it brightens their day to see them, she keeps replacing after the rain or when they have worn off,” she said.

“I think it’s a beautiful thing to do for the elderly in our community when there is currently so much sadness around the world.”

Ruby said she started drawing to make people feel happy and part of the community.

“I hope it makes them know that we are all in this together and they are not alone,” she said.

“The elderly in my street may not have families to be isolated with. No one should have to feel alone during this scary time.

“Stay safe, stay happy and try not to worry.”

Jessica said her daughter’s actions have left her feeling incredibly proud.

“It’s quite cute the impact that something so innocent has such a big impact on people,” she said.

“It does make me very proud of her, she does think of others which is very uncommon these days.”

Meanwhile, two siblings from Cockatoo brought a smile to the face of all who witnessed their generous act of kindness.

Eight-year-old Harper and five-year-old Arabelle decided to make free bunches of flowers for their community in the hope that their kind act would inspire others to also perform an act of kindness.

The flowers were positioned out the front of their property on Bailey Road with the message: “Help yourself to a bunch of flowers to brighten your home. All we ask is that you pay it forward and perform a random act of kindness to someone else and help spread the love.”

“We wanted to do something kind for people,” Arabelle said.

“We thought it would be nice to make people happy and brighten up their homes,” Harper added.

Their proud mother, Lisa, said the initiative came about after hearing stories of random acts of kindness happening around Australia.

“We teach our children the importance of kindness and compassion so when we see our children enthusiastic and wanting to give back to the community, it makes us very proud parents,” Lisa said.

“The world is going through a dark time at the moment, and we thought we may be able to bring a little bit of lightness to someone’s day and smiles to people’s faces.”

The flowers were quickly snapped up by passerby’s and the act of kindness proved successful.

“We’ve had a constant stream of cars stopping, people walking by and collecting a bunch, and even neighbours taking flowers,” Lisa added.

“I also received a message from one of the mums from school with a photo of the flowers on her kitchen bench and this message ‘They have really brightened up our home. Just what we needed’.”