Green cleaning comes to Selby

Event organiser Suzi Downie is keen to raise awareness about green cleaning.

A free webinar will be offered this Friday on techniques and products for a healthier and cleaner home during the pandemic.

Selby Community House has organised a practical online Zoom session with cleaning expert Tania Struzina, in which she will demonstrate how to replace harmful chemicals with effective green cleaning.

“Soap and water are at least as effective as sanitisers and disinfectants in disabling the Covid-19 virus,” Ms Struzina said.

“Sanitisers and disinfectants don’t have soap’s super power of breaking open the virus’ fatty protective envelope. When this envelope is broken, the virus can’t survive.”

Online participants will be presented with the five rules and products that aim to change the way they clean. They will also be given economical recipes to make their own cleaning products.

Ms Struzina said cleaning was about removing surface dirt and grease that bacteria and viruses live in and feed on.

“You can feel confident that proper surface cleaning with soapy water or detergent – which is different from disinfectant – will keep you and your family safe,” she said.

Event organiser Suzi Downie said there had been many enquiries at Selby Community House about natural cleaning solutions.

She said this was particularly because of the allergies and side-effects people are starting to experience with conventional chemical cleaners.

“There are also environmental impacts associated with many synthetic products and their packaging,” Ms Downie said.

“We’re all learning how to lighten our footprint, and this webinar should provide us with lots of practical tips.”

Green Cleaning at Home is a free event and will be held online from 7pm-8.15pm on 23 October.

To register or for more information, contact Ms Downie at