Ferntree Gully Friends of Red Cross raise funds for flood relief

The Ferntree Gully Friends of the Red Cross have raised $2000 for flood relief. Picture: ON FILE

By Parker McKenzie

The Ferntree Gully Friends of Red Cross have raised over $2200 for flood relief during their annual call event.

Chair of the Ferntree Gully Friends of the Red Cross Maxine Lane said local businesses and residents supported the fundraising effort for people in New South Wales and Queensland affected by flooding.

“Groups now could specify where they want the money to go. years ago, you couldn’t do that,” she said.

“Over the years we’ve raised $10,000. In that group, there are only six of us who sit regularly and we do four hours a day, two days a week.”

Ms Lane, who was previously an emergency services liaison officer with the Red Cross, thanked the support from local businesses at Boronia Junction and Upper Ferntree Gully Plaza and Ferntree Gully MP Nick Wakeling, who supports their fundraising efforts.

“They would bring us over our coffees and make sure we were alright,” she said.

“I had the woman from the bakery come past and give us buns to eat, so we had morning tea.”

On 30 April, The Ferntree Gully Friends of the Red Cross will be holding a stall at Ferntree Plaza Shopping Centre.

Ms Lane said they’ll be selling everything from handcrafts to cakes and jams.

“They are the biggest, the jams. We do things craftwork and somebody said they’ve got some plants,” she said.

“We are only there for four hours because that’s the length that most of us can take.”

The stall will be at the plaza from 9am to 1pm.

Ms Lane said the money raised will go directly to those affected by the floods.

“Those who have actually lost somebody in the floods, they get $20,000,” she said.

“They help them with their immediate needs. They are still putting in money towards mental health support for people who are suffering from trauma from the fires.”

Ms Lane has been involved with Red Cross since 1989 and is also involved in a charity knitting group at Ferntree Gully Library, who provide clothing and blankets to hospitals throughout Victoria.