Bittersweet last day at Silvan Primary

Winning egg-drop entry by student Jax. Here showing his safe egg. 197946_02

The last days of school are always bittersweet.

Teachers organise a range of enjoyable and exciting activities to lull you into the holiday period and there’s a deep-seated excitement that accompanies the countdown to 3:30pm.

At Silvan primary those activities included a box cart rally, egg drop and billy cart derby.

Throughout the semester, students have been hard at work building billy carts and box carts.

Principal Damien Tirchett told the Mail that the Technology Day was the culmination of the student’s work over the term.

“We invited the community out here this morning to do prep to grade 2’s box car rally, and we had them set up a little metropolis and they were learning road rules.”

“We had an egg drop challenge, and they spent the term designing ways of protecting an egg from a high drop and were looking at the science behind it.”

“There was also the grade five and six students’ who designed and built billy carts.”

“It was just a fun day and the culmination of all their work over a semester.”